Dear Community Members and Visionaries,

I am thrilled to share with you a vision inspired by the ethos of Burning Man, where we embrace living, working, playing, and growing together in a vibrant community. Our aim is to foster stewardship and collaboration to shape the world we wish to see.

In pursuit of this vision, we aspire to establish an intentional community (IC) encompassing at least 100 acres, where we cultivate gardens, farms, creativity, and camaraderie within closely-knit clusters of tiny homes and RVs.

Our community will be a hub of artistic expression and entrepreneurial spirit, where we not only create and showcase art but also envisage the possibility of establishing a cozy café serving artisanal coffee.

Additionally, we envision hosting retreats four times a year, inviting up to 200 RVs and tents to converge and actively participate in our shared experiences.

Central to our community ethos is self-sufficiency and innovation. Our workshop will be equipped with cutting-edge technology, fostering collaboration to fabricate essential items locally.

We also envision a section dedicated to retirees, offering amenities such as medical care covered by Medicare, with staff preparing meals sourced from our own bountiful harvests.

In our search for the perfect location, we are actively seeking specific property features:

  1. Access to year-round running water or a lake/pond.
  2. Unrestricted access from a maintained road without any easements.
  3. Zoning regulations allowing for a minimum of 6, preferably up to 36 individually titled lots or dwellings.
  4. Elevation between 1500-4000 feet for accessibility and safety.
  5. A welcoming local government eager to collaborate with us in our endeavors.
  6. A picturesque setting that encourages spending time outdoors.
  7. Proximity to a major airport within an hour’s drive.

We are reaching out to our community for leads on suitable land, insights from fellow Burners, or personal interest in joining us on this journey.

If you are interested in getting involved, please come to our gathering in Truckee, NV on the weekend of July 19th, or fill out an interest form here:

With sincerity and enthusiasm,