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Feeling overwhelmed by the default world? Come join us and celebrate your independence with your Burner community.
We’ve been having a great time on Wednesdays getting to know each other, planning our shenanigans for Burning Man, YOUTopia. There’s a lot of changes happening. Come and catch up, participate, commisserate. Wear your Burner finest.
Hopefully, the back-back patio will be available to us. Go to the back of bar, to the outdoor area. The first outdoor area is the smoking area. There is another back area with astroturf if you go the back of the first patio. You can recognize us by the laughter.
The Redwing has great cocktails and an excellent food menu. But they do have some rules!
* The first patio with the bar is the smoking lounge.
* The second patio with the green AstroTurf is NON-SMOKING.
* Please DO NOT SMOKE MARIJUANA anywhere in the bar
* Be conscientious about not blocking the paths in front of the doors, especially between the patios and their storage area.
* And as always, be sure to tip the staff well for making the night awesome.
Look forward to hanging with you soon!


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