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Hear yea, hear yea;

A Proclamation for all the Burning People of the realm:

A gathering event for the purpose of furthering our Burning efforts and desire to acquire “Land for Us!” shall occur on the weekend of July 19, 2024, at Donner Lake. All accommodations eagerly provided for Participants with skills, desire, and interest.

Yes we will relax together by the Truckee river, eat and drink well, have a retreat type exercise or two and … We will try to organize ourselves for the final push to purchase land and what it will look like.

IF!? You or a burner you know has been talking about a Burning Vision involving land and Community – we wanna get on that.

Acquiring land, rezoning it, and developing it for communal use as a gathering and event space requires a diverse set of skills and expertise. Here are some key roles and skills Burning Hearth is looking to form relationships with:

Real Estate Professionals: Real estate agents or brokers can help identify potential properties for purchase and negotiate deals.

Legal Experts: Lawyers specializing in real estate law can assist with navigating zoning regulations, land use permits, and legal contracts.

Urban Planners: Urban planners can provide insights into zoning laws, land use regulations, and community planning processes.

Construction and Development Teams: Contractors, builders, and development teams can carry out the physical construction and development work on the land.

Community Organizers: Individuals experienced in community engagement and organizing can help build support for the project within the local community and garner community input and involvement.

We wish to assemble a team with a diverse range of skills and expertise so we can increase the likelihood of successfully acquiring, rezoning, and developing the land for communal use as a Burner gathering and event space. If you know someone that has these skills, please join us at a private residence on Donner Lake weekend of July 19th.


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