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t’s time once again to bring the Xmas weird back to Union Square with the Eighth Annual Krampusnacht celebration!
Join us as we channel our own personal versions of the traditional Christmas demon, Krampus – pal of St. Nick and scourge of naughty children everywhere. We’ll be gathering this year at the Tunnel Top Lounge and Bar at 5:30 PM, and descend on the unsuspecting shopping populace below.
More wandering guerilla theater than pub crawl (though we do stop for refreshments) all it takes are some horns (many styles are readily available in local costume stores, the interweb, or make your own), a little creative costuming, a sense of play, and you are good to go. (Naughty child costumes are welcome too.) Check out the photos at https://www.facebook.com/SFKrampus to see the past years’ mischief to get some ideas.
Here’s more info to get you in the spirit (don’t worry our efforts are a lot less involved than the ones in the old country):
You better watch out . . .


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