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For next month’s happy hour, we’re doing a white elephant gift exchange with a burner twist. Please bring a wrapped gift, preferably something you have lying around your house. It should be burner related. Examples are provided below:
1. Some sort of playa survival item (goggles, water bottle, chapstick, etc.)
2. Something good to consume on the playa (beef jerky, pickles, Emergen-C)
3. Burner threads (scarf, furry leg warmers, onesie)
4. Playa swag (stickers, pins, t-shirts)
You get the idea. We will probably start the gift exchange around 6:30…. Note that for this one we’re meeting on Friday, not Thursday.
Since we will be at a bar, please don’t bring your unopened bottle of Hot Damn! liquor that no one wanted to open, or drugs.
Feel free to invite Burner frenz who are not in this group. I suspect we’ll be indoors because it will likely be cold AF.
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