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Are you new to Burning Man? Are you unsure about what it takes to make it to and through your first Burn? Still on the fence since you’re still trying to figure out what to bring, what to expect, will you get tickets, or if it’s really for you? What are those bare essentials to ensure your survival? Or for those pack rats and gear heads, what should you bring “just in case?” We’ll go over many of the staple items and other essential things to have and do at Burning Man. Join us as we discuss preparing for that thing in the desert. We’ll have an outline of topics to cover, but we’re here to answer those burning (lol) questions.
Please join us for an informal discussion targeting Burning Man newbies online!
Our event will take place on Zoom:
Meeting ID: 838 9515 9049
Passcode: 358935
We want you to have the most positive experience possible, so bring those questions (it’s ok to ask anything!) and curiosity about life on the playa.
Our topic list will include:
1. The basics
2. Must have items to bring
3. Outfits
4. Shelter and camp infrastructure
5. Gifting, pARTicipating, and interacting
6. Burning Man’s +10 Principals
7. Radical human expression
8. And answer any questions you may have!
Please invite others and help spread the word.
– Trixie & Wolfie (AKA Trina & Oscar)
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