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On Friday night August 12th Camp Yesh is going to throw its first fundraiser at an amazing industrial artist warehouse space in Oakland. We hope you will join us for a night of dancing, performance, laughter, squishing, costumes and silliness in support! Camp Yesh is devoted to offering educational experiences for consent, kink, acro, twerking, movement, and more. We will be putting up a teaching stage, pimping out a tea lounge, and cooking sunrise pancakes on the Playa!

We have a big crew of amazing people invited to celebrate the birth of a new Burner camp and would love your help to spread our community with new wonderful humans. So we are asking everyone to invite 3 of your favorite fun people who you think would help make a great party!

The party will be rocking from 9 pm-3 am and feature 3 floors with an open bar, shibari, burlesque, acro, DJs, and a squish lounge. Everyone invited will have up to 6 invites to share, so please cast your net far and wide so we all meet new awesome peeps.

We can’t wait to see you on August 12th!


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